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Hello, my name is Mike Warren and I make stuff.
I hack, circuit-bend, and modify everyday items into awesome new things - my prototypes blend functionality with whimsical absurdity as I explore ideas and concepts that others rather not touch. The results may vary but they are always fun!

My easy-to-make projects can be found on Instructables.com and have been reposted on Wired, Make, New Scientist, Hack-a-Day, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, PopSci, BoingBoing, io9, Betty Crocker and Craftzine. I'm also the author of the Man Crafts column at DollarStoreCrafts.com, a daily blog with an emphasis on cheap, chic and easy to do projects.

My work has also been featured in print media:
Looking for some DIY love? Contact me for information about commissioned work, collaborations or free exchange of ideas.
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