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camera jacket
experimental clothing surveillance device captures still and moving images discreetly
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air horn office chair prank
prank your co-workers by hiding an air horn under their chair piston. Hilarity (and possible firing) will ensure!
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desktop fireplace
turn your computer monitor into a fireplace, complete with ambient background flickering lights
R2D2 heels
these are the driod you're looking for! Everyone's favourite astromech is here to pump up your heels to galactic levels!

"I miss you" cards
take aim, and shoot your friends and loved ones a card straight to their heart by telling them "I miss you"
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beer advent calendar
count down to the holidays with santa's other favourite treat...beer!
dinosaur heels
kick it (really) old school with a pair of prehistoric pumps.
wind-up camera pan
with a few bits of hardware, turn a wind-up kitchen timer into a simple camera pan. The results will make your head spin
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magnetic guitar picks
rock as hard as you like, these picks aren't going anywhere! Picks can be stuck to the strings when not in use, or stick backups on the head while playing.
BRB clock
give yourself a few extra minutes when you leave your store or booth by combining a your "will be back" sign with a clock.
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kid's rocking chair
collapsable rocking chair for kids, held together by 2 tension rods. Includes cutting templates.
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360 degree camera hat
single--use cameras arranged to be worn as a hat, creating a 360 panorama of your shots. Chiondogu fans rejoice!
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soldering gun
combine a soldering iron with an air pistol, complete with battery magazine.
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PopSci Magazine - September 2012
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makezine / hack-a-day / thefirearmblog.com / gizmag.com
knuckle duster iPhone case
show everyone you mean business with a knuckle-duster attached to your cell phone
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magnetic axe prank
prank your friends by embedding strong magnets in an axe, then leaving it on their car.

chalkboard paint jars
keep your glass jars organized by adding chalkboard paint, then write your labels in chalk
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lifehacker / thekitchn.com
cook food on your engine for your next road trip

gentleman's ski poles
hide a stiff drink inside your skipoles, perfect for the refined gentleman hitting the slopes
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sleepy weepy pillow
this pillow detects when you're crying and plays a tune or a recorded message to cheer you up
century eggs
eggs that are cured in lye for a month, a Chinese delicacy.

melt metal in the microwave
melt tin and aluminium in a household microwave (with bonus microwave meltdown footage)
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LED slippers
LED's installed in slippers with a switch at the heel, lighting your late night adventures to that fridge raid

DIY spray paint
make your own blend of spray paint colours and coverage from an old plastic bottle and a bike valve.
office supplies grappling hook
office warfare with a mini grappling hook!

pizza cones
all the things you like about pizza, in a portable cone!

create a vintage cover for your netbook (or laptop) using a discarded hardcover book.

giant moustache stick-em's
novelty-size moustache applied on billboards and signage, join the moustache-revolution!.

dinosaur excavation cake
a birthday cake with 3 layers representing the 3 geological prehistoric periods with real dinosaur bones burried inside!
compressed air (exploding) rockets
simple compressed air rockets get an explosive overhaul as toy parachute men are attempted to be deployed at altitude.

electric paper-airplane launcher
tiny motors spin, gripping onto your paper airplane and fligning it across the room. made from old toys and stuff from Radio Shack

laptop tripod
an easyily deployable portable workstation for yout netbook

nitro coffee
coffee brewed with Red Bull and coca leaves, with liquid caffine sweetener. Test results reveal interesting findings.

duct tape compass
find your bearings with a collapsable compass made from household materials and of course, duct tape.
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DIY magnetic putty
magnetic putty: all the fun of regular silly putty with the added benefit of magnetisim!

faux flower planter necklace
fun, inexpensive style all made from Dollar Store items

edible party hat
dish-shaped unlevened bread, looks just like the classic Simpsons Nacho Man

motorcycle whack-bonk
lay down the law on two wheels and a pool noodle!

wristwatch turntables
drop some phat beats and samples where ever you go!

wacky waving inflatable flailing tube monster
a scale variant of the popular road-side car salesman attraction

collapsible box
make wood boxes that collapse when not in use.

bent wood hand-shaped bowl
give yourself a helping hand, make your own hand-shaped bowls.

utensils for kids
eating your veggies has never been so fun!
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DIY Popeye costume
I yam what I yam!

hot-rod glassware
safely combine drinking and driving, with glassware on toy cars.
LED ear lights
Stay on the path, with discreet LED lights that attach to your ears.
train camera mount
a portable camera mount that uses the doors of light-rail trains to hold your rig in place.
pocket abacus
learn how to make your own abacus and perform basic math functions, all with dollar store items.
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DIY rope ladder
make your own rope ladder and escape your bedroom.
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coffee cup cake
is it coffee cake, or a cup cake? it's both..in a coffee cup! make your own espresso cupcake with coffee-nut glazed topping.
blooming onion
mmm, onions. make your own fried blooming onion and satisfy all your unhealthy desires
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hand sandwich
love sandwiches? how about a sandwich shaped like hands? make your own hand-wich.


umbrella light
make your own Blade Runner-esque umbrella variant using dollar store goodies.
published in:
New York Times Magazine - June 2012
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frozen bottles
freeze your spirit bottles in a sheath of ice, perfect for your next party.
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lifehacker / CraftZine


steak branding iron
brand your steak or burgers with a custom branding iron.
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emergency vehicle escape keychain
plan to get out alive.


kite aerial photography (for under $50)
make your own kite photography rig all for under $50


bike wiper-glove
wipe away rain from your visor without missing a beat.
published in:
Best of Instructables.com - vol.I
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elevated bed
lift your bed off the ground for more storage space.


DIY homemade wine
homemade wine that doesn't taste gross, why not make your own
t-shirt stencils with bleach
use bleach to make a custom t-shirt, sure to be the envy of everyone wherever you go.

cranberry infused vodka
make your own cranberry liquor.

pack clothes for moving
A simple trick using plastic garbage bags to pack clothes when moving.

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alligator clips
om nom nom, these ravenous reptiles are ready to give you a helping hand (and mouth!)

hooked toothbrush
create a hooked handle for your toothbrush, perfect for hanging your toothbrush in the shower

secret postcard decoder
hide your message in plain sight, with a secret code and decoder in a postcard.

diet belt
keep track of that waistline with a belt that has a measuring tape built in.

bottlecap pins
reuse bottlecaps and remake them into pins of your favourite custom images

DIY time capsule
create your own time capsule and find the best place to hide it. Can you wait to uncover your cache?
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bendy straw rockets
the shuttles may have been retired, but your space adventure is just begining! Make your own flying rockets!

magnetic event fridge clock
fridge clock with moveable numbers and decals to help you remember times of events.
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Frugal and Thriving
suction cup bottle holders
keep those bottles off the floor and stick them onto your wall, time to tidy up your shower!

tie storage
hide your business cards and pen in a secret pocket behind your tie.

tea duck
bring your favourite bath time buddy to your next tea time.

zoetrope from coffee can
classic toy that mimics animation, all for less than $2.00.
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patterned light switch covers
spruce up any room, with custom wrapped light switch covers.

tool belt
Hang your lightweight corded tools from the ceiling using an old belt and some s-hooks.

recycled plastic drain de-clogger
clean out your hair clogged bath drains for almost nothing.
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Office Warfare: Fortify Your Cubicle
Skyhorse Publishing
June 2013
Editor of Office Weapons: Fortify Your Cubicle

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Skyhorse Publishing
May 2013
Editor of Backyard Rockets

PopSci Magazine
Project Of The Month
September 2012
soldering gun made from air pistol and battery operated soldering iron.

New York Times Magazine
Whiteboard Innovation Challenge
June 2012
Winner for Umbrella Light submission,James Dyson's selection for innovation

The Fall Gallery, Vancouver
May 9 - 17, 2008
mixed media (acrylic, marker)
2 canvases displayed

Arbutus Corridor Design Contest
Society Promoting Environmental Conservation
March 18-29, 2005

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